The Best Neighbourhoods to Live: 5 Questions to Ask

The Best Neighbourhoods to Live

It’s hard to find a place you’d be happy to call home. There are so many elements to consider beyond the number of rooms, size of the closets and quality of the fixtures – like whether or not the neighbourhood is the right fit for you and your family. Before calling up a Mortgage Broker to start the home loan application process, here are 5 questions to ask when looking for the best neighbourhoods to live in Langley:


1. What’s the noise like?

When you’re visiting someone else’s house, you can overlook the sounds of traffic or loud neighbours. But, when it’s your own home, noise can be a dealbreaker. Visit the neighbourhood at different hours to get a good idea of what noise levels are in general.

Can you hear train tracks? Buses rumbling by? Music from your next door neighbour? Those could be permanent fixtures in your life. Keep your ears peeled.


2. Are there good schools nearby?

Whether or not you have kids, it’s a good idea to look at the local school district. If you eventually decide to have children, you won’t need to move or drive your child to a school far away. If you’re not planning on having kids, good school districts can influence real estate values.


3. How convenient is the area?

Do you get coffee every morning? Have to stop for milk three times a week? Look at the types of businesses in the area especially if you’re looking in a suburban area further from the city. It’s also important to note the distance to the nearest fire department or emergency room. When something happens, you want immediate access to a hospital, police station or other emergency service.


4. What amenities are near your new home?

In addition to stores and services, you need to look for other spaces outside of your home. Farmer’s markets, community centres, theatres and other areas where people gather are nice to have nearby. If you’re looking to make neighbourhood friends and keep yourself entertained, these are good places to start.


5. Is it the best neighbourhood for your lifestyle?

Are you the type to immediately look for friends right after moving in, or do you prefer to stay low profile? Do you want to live in a place where your children can play in common areas and parks, or are you looking for a community that doesn’t frown on late-night parties? Look for an area with the vibe you thrive in.



A house doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Your community plays a large part in making your new home livable and your stay worthwhile. When shopping for a new home, think of factors like convenience, amenities and what you want your lifestyle to be – these will determine the best neighbourhoods to live in for you. If you’re planning on staying in a place for a while, it’s vital that the surrounding areas feel like home as well.

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